IOM Tajikistan Today

Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country


Welcome from the Chief of Mission

Ensuring safe movement of migrants to and from Tajikistan is of critical importance to this rural, landlocked nation. Despite many hardships, each year nearly 10% of the population leaves Tajikistan to seek employment opportunities abroad. Remittances sent home account for more than a 1/3 of national GDP, thereby highlighting the significant role labour migration holds in maintaining the social, macroeconomic and financial stability of the country.

In the spirit of the IOM slogan, "Migration for the Benefit of All," the IOM Mission in Tajikistan has adopted programmes aimed at extracting the most potential of this migration flow. Programmes for labour migrants include capacity building opportunities to increase migrants skills prior to their departure abroad. IOM together with its partners has also established many services for migrants and their families so incomes earned abroad may be productively used, saved, and invested as a tool to enhance their own development potential. Migration may thereby be a means to work towards development inside Tajikistan.

Our activities also aim to counter the most-pressing public health situations in Tajikistan by educational outreach, capacity building, and improved health services. IOM is at the forefront on migration and health issues, and continues to explore innovative means to promote the health of migrants and their families.

IOM takes the lead in Tajikistan in combating the trafficking of human beings, and has projects to enhance the capacity of law enforcement and judges to investigate, prosecute and judge human traffickers and protect victims.

In another area, IOM continues to work closely with the Government of Tajikistan to strengthen its border management procedures and capabilities. Towards this end, IOM provides advisory support, training for border guards and inspection officials, and equipment for border crossing points throughout the country. In addition, IOM supports the strengthening of institutional and operational ties between the border guard services of Tajikistan and neighboring Afghanistan.

While this is not an exhaustive list of IOM activities in Tajikistan, it does provide a glimpse into our role here. Explore our website for information on more of our programmes, read our research publications, and watch some of our film productions online.

Best Regards,

Tajma Kurt
Chief of Mission, IOM Tajikistan