IOM Tajikistan Today

Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country


Border Management Projects

In terms of managing its borders, Tajikistan is faced with strong regional security and economic considerations calling for effective and humane borders, the restrictive legacy of the former Soviet Union known for restricting free movement of people, and limited resources and capacity. In 2002, IOM undertook a comprehensive assessment of border management. A series of detailed benchmarked recommendations were issued focused on institutional, policy and procedural reforms, enhancing training of border guards, and necessary technical support to professionalize inspections. Based on reforms that were leveraged through the Inter-ministerial Commission for Border Management, IOM has, in addition to advisory support, provided training and equipment for the Dushanbe International Airport, the Bratstvo land border crossing, and the creation of a Training Center for border crossing inspection officials. Furthermore, IOM has supported the establishment of a Document Analysis Center and an information system for border management.

Training Centres for Border Guards

IOM worked closely with the Government of Tajikistan to establish two permanent training centres for border guards, one in the capital Dushanbe and the second in Khorog.  Since 2009, more than 700 border guards from Tajikistan and Afghanistan have taken part in the ongoing training opportunities aimed at increasing their level of professionalism. These trainings address a broad range of necessary on-the-job skills pertinent to border control including identification of false documentation, computer science, knowledge of migration legislation, and political geography, as well as language skills including Farsi, Dari, and English.

At present, IOM continues to support joint-training efforts of Tajik and Afghan border guards at the two training centres through the financial support of the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs at the US Department of State.

Border Management at Bratstvo Checkpoint

The overall objective of this project was the improvement of the border control and management procedures according to international standards as well as improvement of physical and technical facilities at the “Bratstvo” checkpoint at the Tajik-Uzbek border.

Border Staff Training Under BOMCA Project

The project was designed as a part of the EU funded UNDP project BOMCA (Border Management in Central Asia) for training of border guards and customs officials. IOM in close cooperation with UNDP/BOMCA conducted a series of trainings on International Migration Law, Visa Management and Document Examination.

The core activity of IOM in this project was to provide Training of Trainers (ToT) to local experts. IOM was responsible for training of a 3-person Team of Trainers (TT) in 3 specific subjects. The TT in return conducted series of trainings for border guards and custom officers. IOM provided instruction experts while the UNDP supplied the necessary equipment and furniture for the training.