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Strengthening capacity of the non-health personnel of the points of entry to improve emergency health response

Three cascade one day trainings for the non-health workers of the points of entries conducted by IOM Tajikistan jointly with the Ministry of health and social protection of the Republic of Tajikistan on 16-20 May 2022.

 Cascade trainings were conducted in Dushanbe, Kolob and Penjekent of the staff of the PoEs of the Districts of the Republican Subordination, Khatlon and Sogd Oblasts. All trainings were facilitated by the trainers educated during ToT lead by CDC Atlanta in October last year. Specialists of the border and custom service of the points of entry: “Dusti”, «Airport Dushanbe», «Airport Kulob», «Panji Poyon» and “Sarazm” took part in the one-day events. In apart to staff of the points of entry, representatives of the non-governmental organizations that work in the cross-border communities also raised their awareness on response due to emergency health.

Education was arranged using interactive approach of the working among adult population. «RING» approach was presented to participants as the best international approach at the PoEs: recognizing, isolation, notification and getting support (RING). Participants took part in the practical session of the training on taking off and putting on personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as in the discussion to address situational tasks related to health events during passing cross border check. All trainees received certificate on successful completion of the training.

Cascade trainings conducted within the regional project “Enhancing health and border management In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to respond to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases” lead by IOM Tajikistan with the financial support of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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