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Enhancing female financial inclusion in Tajikistan on World Savings Day

Date: 26 – 27 October 2022

Title: Enhancing female financial inclusion in Tajikistan on World Savings Day.

As part of the MPTF project Empowerment of Families Left Behind, IOM has been conducting two-day trainings on financial literacy with women in Khatlon, Tajikistan, whose husbands have migrated abroad to seek employment, some of which never return. These women whose husbands have abandoned them are considered a vulnerable and marginalised group with poor economic resilience and inclusion, and often struggle to access rights and protections.

To celebrate World Savings Day, IOM brought together the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) and the women who participated in the financial literacy trainings, to take part in a concluding workshop on female empowerment and financial literacy. These workshops were held in Kulob and Dusti, on 26 and 27 October 2022 respectively.

The workshop aimed to: i.) present the women with information on “World Savings Day” collaboratively with the NBT, ii.) conduct quiz activities based on the information learnt in the trainings on personal finances, budgeting, revenue, expenditure (long and short term), and deposits. This was followed by a second round of quizzes which focused on human rights, safe migration, and other relative information.

The results of the quizzes showed a high level of engagement from the women, and excellent results on the learned information from the trainings. The women noted that they now use the acquired knowledge in their daily lives, helping them reduce unnecessary daily expenses and to begin saving money for their planning short- and long-term financial goals.

The workshop report can be found here (currently only available in Tajik):

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