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USAID and IOM support youth in fighting human trafficking

The “Dignity and Rights Project” funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in cooperation with the Committee of Youth Affairs and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan organized a summer camp for 80 youth aged 17-18 from all over the country in Guliston city of Sughd province, August 12-15.  

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Story of Saida’s success: A returned migrant transforms dreams to plans

Do you know names of people, who helped me? No? I simply wanted to know whom to send blessings upon”.

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Stylish youth with modern haircuts from a remote village thank their only barber, former migrant

Subhiddin Vohidov had a tough period, when was banned to re-enter Russia, lost father, and got bad news from doctors – he should not accept heavy jobs anymore!

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Youth against human trafficking in Tajikistan

USAID’s Dignity and Rights project implemented by International Organization for Migration (IOM) and in cooperation with the Aga-Khan Humanities project of the University of Central Asia organized a two-day national debate tournament on human trafficking among the best youth teams from all over the country.   

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IOM supports Tajik academics and practitioners to share research findings on trafficking in persons

Fighting human trafficking in Tajikistan and the consolidation of the country’s victim-centered support system were the focus of an academic conference held today at the Tajikistan National University (TNU) in Dushanbe. The conference was dedicated to the World Day against Trafficking in Persons commemorated annually on 30 July. 

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Act and educate to #EndHumanTrafficking

2019 World Day against Trafficking in Persons in Tajikistan

The IOM network of civil society partners in Tajikistan is marking the 2019 World Day against Trafficking in Persons through a programme of events engaging local youth and potential migrants. 

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Money from honey: Bee colony helps family of former migrants

Father and son Isroilovs both returned from labour migration in Russia ill and unable to perform hard physical works anymore. At a remote village close to Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan they’d have a hard life, if not a solution in type of an easier job –beekeeping. IOM with funds from USAID Dignity and Rights project provided Isroilovs with honeybee colonies and protective clothing sets, as well as trained them on apiculture.

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Child refugee in Afghanistan, young migrant worker in Russia, and now a successful farmer at home, in Tajikistan

Navruzshoh, for the first time, started selling lemon and tomato, both fruits and plants he harvested from his own greenhouse built with International Organization for Migration – UN Migration Agency (IOM) support. 

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