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Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country



The film is based on real events taking place in an ordinary Tajik family where a mother and her two daughters experience difficulties. One of the daughters trying to find a job falls into the hands of mercenary people craving for the exploitation of the poor girl. However, the girl realizes her false step and expectations on time and could have said "no."

This documentary, "We're Going to Moscow", talks about the actual reality that Tajik labour migrants face while traveling to and working in the Russian Federation. This film sheds light on the difficulties Tajik migrants have in their country of origin and destination.

This film is based on a real story and tells about an ordinary village girl from Tajikistan who becomes a victim of human trafficking.

This film looks at labour migrants during the worldwide economic crisis.

This film aims at raising awareness of the dangers of irregular migration among Tajik migrants wishing to travel to the Russian Federation with the hope of exploring better life and earning. Exemplifying Mehrubon as a successful and informed migrant, in a step by step guide, the film shows regular ways of stay, work and return procedures to and from the destination country.

These public service announcements were created under the Central Asia Regional Migration Programme, which is implemented by the International Organization for Migration in cooperation with UN Women and the World Bank with the finacial support of the UK Government.

This film examines the problem of HIV/AIDS among the labour migration population of Tajikistan. The protagonist is a labour migrant working in Russian town of Tver. He discovers his positive status too late, and he later passes along HIV to wife who gives birth to a HIV positive baby. At this point, the path of the main character is transformed as he begins to reconsider his life values and addresses young people and others to be conscious of the consequences of unprotected sexual relations, and to be responsible for not only their own personal health, but also the health of their dependents.