IOM Tajikistan Today

Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country



  • Rebuilding Lives: IOM and USAID Support Reintegration of Exploited Migrant Workers
  • IOM Develops Skills of Migration Service in Sughd Oblast to Provide Counseling to Migrant Workers
  • IOM Continues Joint Training with Tajik and Afghan Border Forces
  • Talk Show Reflects on Migration Issues in Tajikistan
  • Promoting Tolerance Toward People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • IOM Hosts Workshop for Managers to Reduce Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases Including HIV and AIDS
  • IOM Conducts Training Workshop for NGO Partners on Outreach for HIV and TB Prevention among Migrants
  • Roundtable on Cooperation for Improving Access to Migrant Friendly Services Held in Qurghonteppa
  • Project Briefs

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  • UNHCR and IOM Support National Consultations on Refugee Protection and International Migration
  • Flight Attendants Trained on Outreach Methods to Migrants
  • Video on Informed Migration Broadcast on National TV
  • Tajik Consular Officers Attend Training on Human Trafficking
  • Tajikistan Remains on Tier II in 2012 Annual Trafficking in Persons Report
  • IOM Delivers Mobile Emergency Operation Unit to COES
  • New Project Focuses on HIV and Tuberculosis Prevention Among Migrant Workers
  • IOM Provides Technical Assistance to Vocational Schools in Sughd
  • Project Briefs

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  • IOM Director General Pays Official Visit to Tajikistan
  • Building Coordination Between the Migration Service and Border Guards to Gather Migration Data
  • IOM Delivers Migration Management Training to Migration Service Managers
  • IOM Hosts Regional Workshop on Labour Exploitation as a Consequence of Human Trafficking
  • Success Stories from the IOM's Family Budgeting Training in Sughd Region
  • Project Briefs

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  • IOM and Tajik Government Open Emergency Operations Centre
  • Local NGOs Expand Role in Reintegrating Victims of Trafficking
  • “I had lost hope for life.... Today, I have a goal.”
  • Cotton Harvest 2011: Photo Competition Winners
  • Human Rights Ombudsman Visits Tajik Diaspora and Russian Counterpart
  • Improving Migrant Workers Access to Health Services in Tajikistan - An Inter-Sectoral Approach
  • Vocational School Teachers Enhance Their Knowledge on Pre-departure Orientation for Potential Migrants
  • Tajik Government and IOM Develop National Database of Job Vacancies
  • Deportations of Tajik Migrant Workers Take Centre Stage
  • IOM Hosts Coordination Meeting on Labour Migration in Dushanbe
  • Roundtable in Jirgatol Discusses Problems of Irregular Migration

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  • Migration Service Counsellors Trained at IOM Migrant Support Centers
  • IOM Takes Video Library Online
  • Roundtable on Migration Issues Hosted in Kulob
  • Unified Migration Center Established in Russia to Assist Migrants
  • Improving Chinese Labour Migrants' Access to Health Services
  • Signing of the Joint Action Plan on Combating TiP for 2011-2013
  • Harnessing Remittances for Community & Household Development
  • Project Briefs

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  • Legal Assistance to the Wives and Families of Labour Migrants
  • Strengthening Disaster Response Capacities of the Government
  • Ecological Pressures Behind Migration
  • Joint Training for Tajik and Afghan Border Guards
  • Roundtable on HIV/AIDS Prevention Along Transport Routes
  • Promoting Household Budgeting to Build Confidence for the Future
  • Training Tajik Officials in the Essentials of Migration Management
  • Monitoring the Use of Child Labour in Tajikistan's Cotton Harvest

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