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Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country




Sunatullo, staff of the Rural health center and IOM during monitoring visit.


"After all I wish that our migrants and their families were healthy and never get tuberculosis! I make the contribution to formtaion of healthy generation and for this purpose it isn't obligatory to be the health worker, after all only all together we will be able to win tuberculosis!"

“Usually migrants and members of their family come to us when they have concerns related to the legal aspect of migration. When I was suggested to hold information sessions on prevention of tuberculosis (TB) and referral of those who has suspicious symptoms on TB for diagnostics, I thought: I am not the health worker, and where do I come in? However participation in the two-day training provided by International Organization for Migration on TB problem among migrants changed my relation to the problem. Growth in number of new TB cases among migrants in our country really makes one think".
These are words of Sunnatullo, an employee of Migration service who -according to the Head of Public organization “AkhtariBakht” - during the three months of project implementation, led discussions on TB prevention with 400 migrants and members of their families.

 Furthermore, Sunnatullo succeeded in referring as many as 58 migrants with suspicious symptoms on tuberculosis to the Health Center for TB diagnostics.
“The knowledge gained during training once again convinced me that TB is the social disease and health workers alone won't be able to win against this illness. Each migrant who addresses to me for consultation, receives information also on how to lower the negative consequences of migration connected with health, why it is more favorable to pass diagnostics of TB before departure abroad and what happens if TB goes untreated” – Sunatullo explains.
The enthusiastic and determinate employee of Migration service, goes on emphasizing the need for collective action and integration of different actors in the society to the fight against TB
"Today none of those migrants who I referred for diagnostics had TB, but anyways I could help people to learn about their health condition prior to departure. Now they can go abroad safely without being afraid of the entry ban.After all I wish that our migrants and their families were healthy and never got tuberculosis! It is not obligatory to be a health worker to be able to contribute to the formation of a healthy generation, it is only all together that we can win tuberculosis!”-said Sunatullo.

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