IOM Tajikistan Today

Tajikistan has been an IOM Member State since November 1994.   

  • 12 active projects in 7 thematic service areas 
  • More than 30 staff members throughout the country



IOM conducts research designed to guide and inform migration policy and practice. The organization provides a unique space for consultation between researchers and policy makers.

IOM’s research activities world-wide encompass several migration management topics, including migration trends and data, international migration law, migration and development, health and migration, counter-trafficking, labour migration, trade, remittances, irregular migration, integration, and return migration.

Использование механизмов Организации Объединённых Наций для защиты прав человека
Child and Forced Labour Exploitation in Tajikistan’s Cotton Harvest: 2015 Annual Monitoring Report
Diaspora – Partner in the Development of Tajikistan
Разработка «Дорожной карты» по вовлечению диаспор в процесс развития
Report on Tajik Diaspora Forum
Child, Student, and Adult Participation in Tajikistan's Cotton Harvest: Annual Assessment 2013
Tajik Migrants with Re-entry Bans to the Russian Federation - January 2014
Children and Student Participation in Tajikistan's Cotton Harvest: Annual Assessment 2012
Environmental Degradation, Migration, Internal Displacement, and Rural Vulnerabilities in Tajikistan - May 2012
An Assessment of the Exploitation of Children and Students During the 2011 Cotton Harvest in Tajikistan - March 2012
Monitoring of Child Labour Use in the Cotton Fields - May 2011
Tajik Labour Migration During the Global Economic Crisis: Causes and Consequences - July 2010
Economic Dynamics of Labour Migrants' Remittances in Tajikistan - April 2009
Abandoned Wives of Tajik Labor Migrants - August 2009
Migration, Remittances and Living Standards in Tajikistan - September 2007
Human Trafficking in Tajikistan - July 2006
A Long-Range Perspective for Strengthening the Migration Process in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with Implications for the Russian Federation - February 2006
Proceedings of the International Conference "Economic Dynamics of Labour Migrant Remittances in Tajikistan" - January 2006
Labour Migrant Remittances and Its Impact to the Living Standards in Khatlon Oblast of the Republic of Tajikistan - 2006
Children In The Cottonfields - January 2004
Labour Migration From Tajikistan - July 2003
Deceived Migrants From Tajikistan: A Study Of Trafficking In Women And Children - August 2001